Class Schedule


MOC Class Schedule:

Monday –> Friday

5am - Wednesday / Thursday / Friday

6am - coaches: Coach Dre, Coach Jason Connelly, or Coach Jimmy Gallagher

7am - coaches: Coach Dre, Coach Jason Connelly

10am - Coach Dre, Coach Derrick Elkins

12pm - Coach Dre, Coach Derrick Elkins

4pm - Coach Dre

5pm - Coach Dre, *(Olympic Lifting / Mobility on Thursdays)*

6pm - Coach Dre,

7pm - Coach Dre *(no 7pm on Fridays

Substitute Coaches:  Justin Rice, Jennifer Dadigan(Williams)

Interns - Chuck (Chelsea), Katrina, Justin, and Patrick

Guest Coaches: Coach Kevin Hughes,


Saturday Schedule

**(Coming Soon a 9am Beginners Class)**

10am Oly/Strategy Class

11am Community WOD


**Open Gym is for WOD’s or Skill work only.   Coaching will be limited during open gym time**


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