Jan 282015

"Coach, don't you ever sleep?"

I think I do.  But when I do, it's only for brief periods of time in between bouts of thinking about FTF and the passion I have for creating the ultimate experience for members, coaches and athletes using anything related to FTF.  I sleep only when required by my body and the rest of the time, i spend creating my vision and dream and lining people up to be successful in all aspects of their lives.  Let me explain.

It's not about the fitness, it's about the experience. When you walk into an FTF Licensed gym with that incredible logo on it, you should expect more than just a workout, you should expect to have a full experience.  From the time you start your warm-up, are guided through the strength and the conditioning portions of your workout and then guided to reach your goals by one of our coaches, it's a full experience you have from the time you start until the time you leave our facilities with the FTF logo on it.

You see, FTF started as a vision over 20 years ago.  It started as a vision in my mind, a twinkle in my eye.  I can still remember when I was taking all of my classes in my undergraduate at UC Davis that my eventual goal was to have my own gym, and to be able to change people's lives, to help them better their own lives and to help them realize their own potential.  I never thought in a million years however, I would be able to have the impact I do today.

FTF grew from frustration with the big corporate gyms and how they were running their business.  I started off in a small gym in 1997 after I graduated from Davis with my degree in exercise science.  I really had no direction and didn't really know what I wanted to do with my degree, but I found that I had a knack for talking to people and helping them not just physically, but mentally as well and how to get out of their comfort zone.  I found that I would have people enroll with me, "the trainer that doesn't work out" (at that time because I was a little skinny guy who appeared to not have much muscle on me)   I had a knack for helping people on their quest to do things differently than they had before.  And this is when I realized that my calling in life was to share my passion for changing the world and fitness was my vehicle that was presented to do such a task.

Well, it became a very spiritual journey for me.  I had clients train with me for years on end, not because they didn't have the knowledge or the ability to get results on their own, but because they wanted the bits of wisdom i had (if any) at a young age.  I found that enrolling people in personal training was a very rewarding and amazing experience.  To help people change their mindset, to help the have an experience with me as their "Entertrainer", the person who entertained them for an hour while they worked hard on a program that I put together for them.

It was in those moments in time that I was proud of what I did, the times where a member would either call or text and share with me how positive their experience was.

I had one such moment yesterday when I was closing up the gym...  this is what I saw:


I saw that logo.  And I was reminded of exactly what I was doing all of this for.  As a coach, I have moments where I am at my wits end, I am working 15 to 18 hour days sometimes giving so much energy to others that I forget to take care of myself.  I get little sleep, I forget to eat, I forget to take care of myself.  But looking at that logo, and then working out with that logo in front of me, it all snapped in my head, what that logo means to me.

20 years ago I had a vision of changing the world, one life at a time.  I wanted to do it with integrity, passion and honor.  I wanted to become a trainer who left a mark on the people whom I had the opportunity to come in contact with.  I wanted to make a difference in the world and wanted to create more positive people in the world where it seemed there was so much struggle.

In 2000 when I finally left the corporate world to become a coach for the Sacramento Fire Department and had the opportunity to work with those who serve us publicly, that even more of my personal passion and desire started to grow.  You see,  coaching and training people is sometimes a challenge because you are dealing with personalities where some want to be there, some don't want to be there and some resist no matter what you do.  It was in this resistance that I found my strength as a coach and trainer.  I found that I had a knack for helping people drop their resistance to areas of their life outside the gym just from training with me IN the gym.

I had an opportunity in 2004 to start a gym with a buddy of mine, but wasn't ready to tackle that adventure yet.  I was young, and going through a LOT in my life.  And it was then that I decided it was time to start making some changes and find a way to grow even more.  I was the coach for Sierra College Fire Academy as well, and the difference I would make in the lives of the students and people who would attend the PT portion of the fire academy was unbelievable to me.  The fact that I wanted all of the recruits from the Sacramento Regional Fire Academy and the Sierra College Fire Academy to never forget their days in PT, led me to learn how to create a broader experience. to help people understand the importance of fitness and wellness to their self preservation would guide me down the path I am on now.

10922623_907127449320620_7174147128647541788_nI created FTF Fitness in 2000 as part of my personal development and growth as a coach.  I was consulting with the fire department, training people on the side and finding new and creative ways to encourage people to exercise.  In 2001 I was introduced to a little website called CrossFit.  I used this cool high intensity philosophy to make even greater changes in the people who trusted me with their fitness.  It would guide me first to open CrossFit FTF in 2008 after I was off probation at the fire department.  It was here that I took the knowledge of training groups from the academy to the gym setting.  It was an experience every time someone walked in the door at FTF.  From the F-bombs across the gym, to the high fives and the "Fuck yeah!!!"'s that came out of my mouth when people had success.  It was a high energy time for people to experience things at FTF.

As things grew and changed within the CrossFit Community, I noticed my desire to create an experience for every person who walked in the door grew.  It was then I knew that I didn't want to stop with FTF in Clovis.  I wanted to make a difference in so many ways.  This led to me helping open CrossFit Salvation in Cape Coral, Florida, then to help open MOC FTF in Portland, Oregon then to help open Sawtooth CrossFit in Visalia, then to sign on with No Limit's strength and conditioning in Fresno.  It led me to find Fit Strong united CrossFit and have a conversation with Coach Isaac Almeida who shared the same philosophies about fitness.

It created the opportunities to work with athletes who wanted to compete with the FTF Performance team... athletes like Casey Hutnick, Nick Luchessi, AJ Zambruno, Lamar Aldridge, Nick Cowart, Dre Williams, Josh Kruger, Gary Olivarez, Jojo Reyes, and so many more...

Currently I coach 20 athletes around the world and we have a total of 10 gyms using the FTF Licensed Programming and systems and are growing.  BUT we as a company are selective of who we work with, because the people we are choosing to work with, also want to create an experience for their members, to enhance their fitness but to leave them with a different mindset when they leave their gym.

There is so much ore to FTF than meets the eyes.  With our Seminars, our Training Director, Brian Hyland and our growth, we are more than just a gym.  We are an experience.  We want you to have a positive experience.  It's not always easy to create this experience because along the way , things get derailed and things take turns, we lose coaches, we change coaches, we have business owners change.  But the one consistent thing is, we create an experience for our members that they will never forget.


I am fortunate to have an incredible team of coaches who believe in themselves, the members and in FTF.  It may not always be in the same way that I show my belief, but each and every valued coach from FTF has grown into a leader in their own right.  Many of the gyms in Fresno have stemmed from FTF.  I have spoken to many a gym owner about many different things about how to create an experience.  We learn and correct our mistakes every day, but at the end of the day, it's about you, the member, having an incredible experience, from the time you set foot in the door, to the time where you might have a question and you can email, text or call and find out an answer.

FTF is an experience, not a gym.  We want YOU to have an experience....  come find out for yourself soon at one of our many licensed gyms as to WHY we are creating this rather than JUST being a fitness facility.  Come find out why we are labelled as a Personal Improvement Center and not as a gymnasium.

It's all about the experience and so much more.  See you soon at an FTF Licensed gym!!


Jan 182015

photo 1

What is Friday Night Lights?

A friendly competition bringing the community together for a great cause.

What does it consist of?

There are two parts to Friday Night Lights; a strength portion, followed by a WOD.

Cost: $10 buy in, all proceeds will go to supporting Jordan Cantrell in his journey to nationals.

Top men and women for each will be awarded a prize.

All participants will be entered into a raffle prize.

Thank you for your support and we hope to see you on the 23rd.




Jan 112015

panda monday


200 m run
2 rounds:
20 lunges
10 OHS with bar
Shoulder mobility with PVC
Parallette or ring push-ups x10
10 Jumping pull-ups
Internal/External rotation with bands

(8 minutes)

prep for Hang Cleans/ Push Press / and Pull-ups

Finish with:
3x100 m rows as fast as possible
rest 1 min between

Back Squat
Bench Press

Back Squat
Bench Press

Ancillary and Postural focus will be posted for your liking at the gym!
Hang Power Cleans

Cash out with:
3 rounds of:
of the following movements timed:
Lateral Shuffles
10 meter shuttles
Jump Squats

Jan 082015



400m Run

2x10 WYT Shoulder Complex

2 Rounds of
10 Broad Jumps
10 Bend & Bow
10 Wall Squats

Specific Warm-up:
Dead Bug Progression 1&2
Spiderman Progression 1 & 2

Prep for OHS

Squat Clean Thrusters

Warm up for the following:
~ Over Head Squat

~ Thruster *(Start From Rack)*

2min Max Effort Jump Squats
Air Squats